Fast. Reliable. Continuous.

Auxon is the automated, modern way to test and analyze complex systems.

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A suite of products designed to optimize cyber-physical system performance and reliability.

Whether you're building the next EV platform or connected smart device, your system is a complex integration of software and hardware. Testing these systems is often slow, unpredictable, and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be.

Auxon automates the process of data collection, verification, and validation to make developing your cyber-physical systems faster and more predictable while ensuring they always perform as designed.

Continuous Verification


Perform trace-based testing that leverages executable specs to isolate system problems automatically and receive data-driven suggestions for fixing them.

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Chaos Engineering


Run stress and chaos experiments against your system or digital-twin to verify its safe and reliable operation even under extreme conditions.

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Capture, query, and analyze system-level traces so you can understand what's happening at every level of your system throughout its life cycle.

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