System Analysis at the Speed of Software

Modality speeds the design process and lets you progress confidently.

  • Identify

    underlying causes of failures at the system level.

  • Generate

    intelligent analysis quickly to drive development cycles.

  • Discover

    emergent system behaviors early.

  • Validate

    system-level behavior to ensure preparedness.

Each Step of the Way

Deploy Modality at any stage of your development lifecycle to identify regressions, isolate problematic components, and squeeze out uncertainty.


Incorporate Modality into your virtual components and integration testing to check your early design assumptions.


As your components become real Modality measures that your actual implementation aligns with your expectations from simulation.


Modality's automation can validate high-level requirements and tune critical parameters before a system leaves the production line.


Modality probes can identify difficult to reproduce problems seen in the field by comparing field symptoms against analysis data from development.