Continuous Verification & Validation  
  for our Cyber-Physical World

Enabling integrators
& systems engineers to build safe, secure systems.

We built Modality to address head-on the growing complexity in Cyber-Physical Systems development & deployment, by providing engineers with automation & tooling to comprehensively understand, test, and analyze their systems at every stage of their lifecycle.

System Analysis at the Speed of Software

Traditional methods are time, labor, and cost intensive while still leaving significant gaps.

  • Speeds development by quickly identifying underlying causes to system-level problems.

  • Discovers new emergent system behaviors before they become costly redesigns and recalls.

  • Generates detailed analysis to drive design & implementation cycles and augment regulatory compliance data.

  • Easily integrates into your existing test & measurement workflows and your SIL/HIL infrastructure.

  • Provides system-level validation coverage metrics and insights about your integration test quality.

Each Step of the Way

Deploy Modality at any stage of your development lifecycle to identify regressions, isolate problematic components, and squeeze out uncertainty.

Investigate early

Incorporate Modality into your virtual components and integration testing to check your early design assumptions.

Verify prototypes

As your components become real Modality measures that your actual implementation aligns with your expectations from simulation.

Validate production

Modality's automation can validate high-level requirements and tune critical parameters before a system leaves the production line.

Diagnose field issues

Modality probes can identify difficult to reproduce problems seen in the field by comparing field symptoms against analysis data from development.