About the Company

Warehouse robots. Self-driving trucks. Autonomous farm tractors. Robotic surgeons. You name it, automation is transforming most industries and touching almost every part of our daily lives. When machines take on repetitive and mundane tasks, we at Auxon believe that people are freed to innovate and create.

However, these capabilities come at the cost of incredible system complexity below the surface. Hundreds of components and millions of lines of code must all work together flawlessly, every time, in every situation. And, unfortunately, in "cyber-physical systems”, things do go wrong and often at the worst possible moments. Whether it's a single bug or a set of design issues, any system problem can delay development by weeks and months or, worse, cause harm to people and property in the real world. This unpredictability slows down progress and shakes our trust in automation.

We believe that complexity should not be a barrier to innovation, so we build the tools that software engineers and innovators need to navigate, understand, and address the risks inherent in these complex systems.

At Auxon, our mission is to enable a world of automation that we can all depend on.

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Working Here

Auxon tackles hard problems at a global scale, and we have found that curiosity, along with a willingness to create new frameworks of thinking and understanding, is the best route to creative, durable solutions. No rock is left unturned. No idea is too sacred. We test the resilience of each other's ideas with respect, and work hard to keep conversations productive. And then we go home. Maintaining a healthy balance between work life and personal life is vital to our success. We don't limit vacation time, and we make sure that employees and their families receive excellent healthcare benefits.

Strong candidates are empathetic, detail-oriented, and technically capable. They thrive in a fast-moving environment that transitions fluidly (and frequently) between big-picture strategy and micro-level details. (And these strong candidates nail the details).

We believe that diverse teams are better, period, and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

Current Openings


Product Marketing Manager

Full Time | Remote

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We are looking for an experienced Product Marketing Manager who can help Auxon craft, target, and execute a compelling product marketing strategy. The ideal candidate loves tech and can translate complex concepts into everyday language that a wide variety of stakeholders can understand. This is an exciting time for Auxon, and you can expect to work directly with leadership, BD, and the engineering team to develop go-to-market strategies and direct launches for our products.

Auxon is a growing and fast-moving environment. We're looking for candidates who can manage highly interdependent, complex projects without losing sight of the user. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.


  • Thoroughly understand how to scope and execute marketing strategies needed to reach different customer segments.
  • Be a champion for our existing and would-be users, be informed about our competitive landscape, and help shape the product roadmap and strategy.
  • Develop product positioning and messaging informed by user research, market insights, and product understanding.
  • Work closely with Auxon leadership, BD, and engineering team to develop go-to-market strategy and direct launches for our products.
  • Partner with business development team to track the right metrics and execute campaigns that drive awareness and adoption on an ongoing basis.


  • You are a storyteller. You have genuine empathy for users and are able to adapt how you communicate to best reach and engage your audience—from engineer to executive—and distinguish Auxon.
  • You love tech and are driven to learn about how things work and are able to explain technical concepts in ways that everyday people can understand.
  • You are organized and able to manage highly interdependent, complex projects and keep parallel tasks on track.
  • You are data-driven and like working with data and insights and pair that with your passion for users to generate balanced and thoughtful points of view for how to take our products to market.
  • You thrive in a dynamic, fast-moving environment and are able to operate fluidly between the big-picture strategy level and the micro-detail to get things right.

Director of Business Development

Full Time | Remote

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We are looking for an experienced Director of Business Development who wants to help us grow Auxon into a significant competitor. The ideal candidate values building strong relationships and has a solid technical background to help them understand our customers' needs to shape solutions effectively. You have broad experiences across vertical markets but aren't afraid to dive into the details when necessary. Ideally, you have worked as a product or business lead on projects related to embedded software systems. You like to travel, and your life allows it. We are a startup, so it’s vital that you work well with small teams and thrive in an environment where wearing several hats is often necessary to get things done.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch.


  • Broaden Auxon's engagement with a wide-range of industrial companies building complex systems.
  • Cultivate relationships and create new win-win opportunities with an entrepreneurial drive.
  • Leverage market insights to provide feedback to the product team to meet current and future customer needs.
  • Build and lead both our inbound and outbound sales teams, as well as the customer success and technical pre-sales teams.
  • Ensure contracts are executed as agreed and overall relationships are maintained.


  • Experience as a product lead or business lead for an embedded software solution.
  • Broad experience across vertical markets will help you quickly map win-win use cases presented by targets with how they fit with Auxon’s products and business model.
  • Strong technical background that can be leveraged to understand the needs of clients and effectively shape solutions.
  • Prior experience as an embedded software developer is a plus.
  • Savviness in dealing across countries and cultures.
  • Impeccable verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Highly effective problem-solving skills to propose mutually-beneficial solutions.
  • Ability and willingness to travel for meetings with prospective and existing clients.