Accelerate system testing and isolate problems fast.

Conform is trace-based testing and verification for complex systems. It uses the traces stored in Auxon Modality to verify that your system is behaving as intended. When it's not, Conform can quickly isolate the problem and explain where things went wrong in your system or its specifications.

The power of trace-based testing

By drawing on rich data from distributed system traces, trace-based testing provides more efficient and reliable integration tests. That means your investment in observability also benefits your testability. There are several benefits to moving your test interface to traces, including:

  • Errors that are actually about your system, not your test harness.

  • No need to expose your internal APIs for testing.

  • Decouple test evaluation from system execution.

  • Run tests over historical data based on actual system operation

Deliver incredible innovation, on time and on spec.



Add predictability to development and de-risk new features.



Spend less time creating and maintaining brittle integration tests.



Eliminate overhead by automatically testing for compliance.

Close the gap between specification and implementation

Conform automatically evaluates system-level specifications (using Auxon's SpeQTr language) against the observed behavior of the implementation, continuously verifying the specs against the actual system throughout development. This means your initial investment in system specification is relevant through the entire development lifecycle, giving you a window into its progress and surfacing expensive integration problems earlier.

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  • Specs contain human-readable elements for easy reference.

  • Specs include requirements traceability metadata, for integration with your requirement and defect tracking workflow.


Enable powerful test and verification workflows

By using trace data stored in the Modality event database, Conform enables uniquely powerful test and verification workflows that were previously impossible.

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  • Create a regression test for an important issue, and then evaluate it against historical test data to find out when the issue was introduced.

  • Uncover what went wrong in the field, or at a customer site, by simply running trace data through Conform.

  • Gradually build a specification of how your system operates after the fact, even if it is underspecified or has no specs at all.


Bring joy and automation to your system testing

By performing verification on commonly available trace instrumentation, Conform dramatically reduces the time and effort required to implement automated testing for complex systems. It can also be easily integrated into any Continuous Integration pipeline.

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