Eliminate risk and improve system reliability under all conditions

Deviant is automated chaos testing for complex systems. It conducts experiments to determine how your systems behave under changing conditions, helping you catch problems in development so they don't become a crisis in the field.

Uncover "Unknown Unknowns"

Deviant automatically generates and evaluates thousands of test scenarios to find the conditions and combinations that can result in high-risk, dangerous system behaviors.

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  • Experiment results provide detailed correlation of causes and effects in system behavior.

  • Deviant performs characterization analysis to understand your system's behavior at its limits.


Orchestrate over your whole environment

With Deviant, anything and everything can be a part of the experiment. In addition to being able to automate parameter and configuration changes to your software, it can also perform platform / OS configuration changes, make changes to the simulator environment, and control electronic test equipment.

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  • Deviant comes with platform support for OS, middleware, simulator, and hardware test & measurement control for changing experiment parameters.

  • The Auxon SDK can be easily used to create custom fault injectors for any additional platforms, APIs, or devices.

  • Platform integrations allow experiments to be quickly adapted and reused in software-in-loop, simulator-in-loop, hardware-in-loop, and hybrid test environments.


Take the pain and frustration out of compliance

Deviant unblocks development by continuously generating compliance artifacts. These are based on the data and experiment results collected from your actual implementation, instead of outdated guesswork you did before development started.

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  • Experiment results can be automatically translated to systems engineering and functional safety documentation, like FMEAs.


Auxon in the "V-Model" Product Life Cycle

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